Can I have multiple admins for a cell?

A cell can only have one admin, but an admin can assign additional curators. Curators have some admin privileges, but not all: Only an admin can edit cell settings, appoint curators, or delete a cell. To add a curator to your group, go to the cell page that you are admin of, then click the "members" button on the right side of the page (located beneath your cell cover photo). On the members page, click on the member's name and then click the "make curator" button. 
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    Eddie Witkowski

    Can you transfer your admin status to someone else, i.e. transferring ownership of the cell?

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    Robert Cazzoli


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    Celly Support Team

    Yes! If you visit the members list for your cell on the web, you can click on the member you want to be the admin, then click "Transfer Admin"

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