How to Use Curated Chat Mode


There are three different chat modes: open chat, alert only and curated chat. 

Use curated chat:

  • When chatting needs to be moderated for inappropriate messages.
  • To prevent late night messages (a cell admin can switch between curated mode and open chat at any time).
  • To organize messages and chats in very large groups (30+ members).
  • To setup a feedback only cell, replying privately to messages. 
  • To create a polling only cell, for conducting polls and gathering information. 
  • To have a broadcast only cell, but still receive messages from members. 
  • When the amount of messages on a cell needs to be limited to avoid chat storms and keep things on topic.
You first set your chat mode when you create a cell, but you can change it at any time. To change a cell's chat mode, go into that specific cell and click on "settings" in the right toolbar:

In the settings page, click on "chat mode": In the drop down, click on "curated chat" and then click "save edits": Now that you've set your cell to the curated chat mode, this is what you will see: Curated messages will have an alert ! icon. Note that the admin AND the cell curators can all see, reply to, and approve curated messages. Other members will not see these messages until your approve them. If you don't want to approve the message, but still want to reply to it, hit "reply". You can choose to send a direct message or a cell message. It is best to send a direct message if you want to reply to a cell member's non-approved message. The response will go straight to the member and the rest of the cell will not see it. If you want the entire cell to see your response, click cell message or send a message from your regular message box. And that's it! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
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