How to Invite Members

Note: due to changes in the law, SMS invites are no longer allowed via Celly. However, members can still join a cell via SMS.
Inviting cell members is a simple process and can be done a variety of ways. You can only invite people to your cell if you are the cell admin or a cell curator. To invite someone to your cell, you don't have to be connected to them. You can invite both Celly members and non-members. Go into the cell you want to invite people to. On the right toolbar, you will see the “share” category. Again, only cell admins or curators will see these options.
Here's how to do it:

Click on the "share" button. This dropdown will appear:

There are two links you can use to share your cell, the public link and the golden ticket link.
Use the public link to share your cell on a public forum such as Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. It is ideal for neighborhood or community cells, where you may not personally know the members and need to verify identity (via password, username, or a short bio).
The golden ticket, on the other hand, allows anyone who clicks on it to skip the approval process and automatically be invited to join your cell. Be careful where you post the golden ticket link! It is best emailed or messaged to specific members.
To invite members through Celly or via email click on “invite members" and this page will open:

This invite form is best to use if your prospective members already have Celly accounts or commonly use email. Add emails and Celly usernames in the first box. Use the second box to send a customized welcome message so members understand why you're inviting them.

Once you have typed in the usernames and emails of your prospective members, click on the "send invites" button. 
That's it! Now all you have to do is wait for your members to join. If you need help inviting members, please email us

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