How to Create a Cell Receptor for Twitter or RSS feeds

What are receptors?

Receptors are sensors attached to a cell that watch for messages on the web and automatically import them into the cell's feed. You can use receptors to bring in messages to your cell from a web page, RSS feed, or Twitter account. Messages can also be filtered into the cell based on search terms or keywords (e.g. "baseball" or "weather").

Free accounts are allowed 5 free Twitter receptor feeds and 5 free RSS feeds. To upgrade to Celly's premium package, Celly for Leaders, see this page.

Creating a Receptor for a Twitter Feed

Go into your cell and click on "receptors" in the right hand toolbar. 

This drop down appears. Click on "add twitter":

This box will open:

Type in the name of the Twitter account in the account: field (without the @ sign). For example, if the name of the Twitter account is @MLB, type in MLB.

In the search filter field, you can type in specific key words so that Celly filters the Twitter feed. For instance, if you typed in "game", Celly would only push tweets with the word "game". Tweets without the keyword are filtered out and do not appear in the cell.

Finally, there's a check box that allows you to curate messages from the receptor. This is particularly useful if the Twitter source is busy and you want to avoid chat storms or if you want to moderate the Twitter source for inappropriate tweets. 

Hit "add receptor". Now your feed will look something like this: 

Note the alert icon on the right side of the Twitter messages. These are what curated Twitter messages look like, and you must approve them to be sent to the other cell members. Do this by clicking on a message and hitting "approve" in the drop down:

And that's it! 

Creating a Receptor for an RSS Feed

An RSS feed is a web feed that publishes frequently updated information from a particular website, including blog entries, news headlines, audio, video, etc. With an RSS feed you and your cell members can stay updated on all sorts of web activity, from weather reports to news from your favorite site. To add an RSS feed, copy the site's RSS URL then go into your cell and click on "receptors" in the right toolbar. This time, click on "add RSS":

This box will open:

Paste the copied RSS URL into the first field. You can also filter the RSS feed for certain keywords like "snow" or "humidity". Like the Twitter receptor, you can also curate your RSS feed and monitor for inappropriate or irrelevant content. Once you have chosen your settings, click "add receptor".

A message from a non-curated RSS receptor looks like this: 

Remember, you don't have to approve non-curated messages, they will automatically to be sent to your cell members. You can always change these settings by locating the receptor feeds, now listed in the cell's right toolbar under "receptors".  Click on the cogs in the right hand side of the "receptors" drop-down.  Editing your feeds will allow you to add more filters, change the curation mode, or pause a feed (without deleting it):

Celly's receptor feature is a handy and fun tool, if you're having trouble creating receptors please email us at and we'll help you out!

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