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With Celly you can quickly group people and topics into cells. Cells function as chat rooms where people communicate instantly via text-based messaging. Cells can also include messages sent from the Celly website, the Celly Apps, Twitter, and RSS feeds. If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can use our app instead of SMS:

There are three main ways to send a message to a cell using your phone: current cell chat, multi-cell chat, and direct cell chat. Follow the guide below to learn about all three.  

Current Cell Chat 

If you want to chat on the cell you are currently on, you simply send a message to 23559 and it will default to your current cell. In the example below, a message has come through on the @fishingtrip cell. This is Hadley's current cell, so she just replies with a message and it automatically goes to @fishingtrip.


Chatting on Multiple Cells

When you are chatting on multiple cells at the same time, you will be prompted to choose the cell to send your replies to. For example, Hadley has received a message on her family cell (@johnsonfamily) while she's chatting on the @fishingtrip cell. When she replies with her message, she is asked to choose the cell to send her message to. She chooses B, so her message goes to @johnsonfamily



Direct Cell Chat 

In the example above, Hadley confirmed which cell to send her message to. You can bypass this confirmation if you put a @cellname before your message. Thus, to skip the confirmation, Hadley puts @johnsonfamily before her message. This makes her message go directly to the @johnsonfamily cell.


Sending a Private Message

If you need to message just one person over Celly, you can do so by texting their @username before your message. Thus, if you wanted to text user Wallace, you could text @wallace (your message) to 23559. See the screenshot below for an example:


Remember, you can turn off message acknowledgments by texting ACKS to 23559. 

For more information on using Celly, please view our FAQ or send us an email with any question that you have: 

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