How to Create a Cell

Go into your inbox and click on the cell page icon in the upper left hand corner:

In the cell page click on "start new cell":

The "start cell" page will open: 

First, choose a cell name.

Friendly name for your cell: this name is an easily identifiable display name for your cell. This name does not need to be unique.
Unique cell name: this name must be unique, if another member has already chosen a cell name you must choose another. This name is the what members will text if they are using Celly SMS. 
Cell location: This is an optional detail for your cell
Hashtags for your cell: This is another optional detail. If you want your cell to be publicly searchable, add descriptive hashtags. 

You can upload or link a cell photo, or you can choose one from Celly's photo gallery.
Now that you've chosen a name and uploaded a photo, scroll down to the "membership" button and click on it:

Either your cell's membership is "open", meaning anyone can join, or it is "restricted". "Open" is the easiest option for a first time setup--students can join instantly without needing to be approved. You can always change this setting later, once all of your students have joined and you don't want anyone else in your cell. 

If you choose restricted membership, prospective members will need to request to join by providing a bio, username or password (which you choose and distribute). While this method is more time consuming, it gives you greater control over who joins.

When you have decided how you want to handle membership, click on "chat mode":

There are three types of chat mode: curated chat, open chat, and alert only.

Curated chat: All messages sent to the cell must be approved by the admin before they are sent to the entire group. This way you can keep the cell conversation on-topic and free of inappropriate comments and control a potentially overwhelming chat stream.

Open chat mode: All messages are immediately viewable by all cell members. Open chat is good for mature classrooms that can handle un-moderated messaging. 

Alert Only chat mode: Use this mode if you want to send one way messages. Cell members will not be able to send messages to the cell. This mode works well for mass text alerts, e.g., "school is closed today". 

The Curated and Alert Only chat modes are also best if you want to utilize your SMS packs. All newly created cells get 1,000 SMS messages for free but this can go quickly if you have a large number of SMS using members and you will have to purchase more SMS packs. You can read more about that here.

Once you've chosen your chat mode, fill out some optional cell details:

Mission/cell description: Describe your cell to non-members. If you decide to list your cell, this description is also displayed in the public directory.

Welcome message: Write a welcome message for your cell members.

Cell website: Link to your cell website, if you have one.

Public directory: Would you like to add your cell to our public directory? Click "public to the world" if so or "keep private" if no!

There are a variety of features only available to Celly's premium members. Take a look at our premium pack, Celly for Leaders, with a 30-day free trial. Learn more about Celly for Leaders here.

If, after you've created your cell, you want to change any of these settings (chat mode, membership, etc) you can do so by clicking on the "settings" button located beneath your cell's cover photo.

Now all you have to do is invite members! Read this guide to get started. 

If you're having trouble creating a cell, please contact us at and we'll happily walk you through the process. 
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