How to Share your Cell

There are four ways to share your cell:
  1. Share a web link
  2. Make your cell web public
  3. Direct invite
  4. Text to join
Share a Web Link

In your cell, click on "share" in your cell's right toolbar. It will drop down to this: 

There are two types of web links: the public link and the golden ticket link.

The public link: Paste this link on a public forum, such as Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter. It is ideal for neighborhood or community cells, where you may not personally know the members and need to verify identity (via password, username, or short bio). 

The golden ticket: The golden ticket allows anyone who clicks on it to skip the approval process and be automatically invited to join your cell. Be careful where you post the golden ticket link! It is best emailed or messaged to specific members. Generating a new golden ticket will invalidate all prior golden ticket links for that cell.

Make your Cell Web Public
Go into your cell's page and click on "settings" in the right toolbar. This page will open:

Click on membership and choose "open-anyone can join". 

Now, anyone who searches for your cell via the web, SMS, or the Celly apps will be able to join. You can always switch this setting back to private, once everyone has joined your cell.

Text to Join

If you want someone to join your cell group, all you need to do is tell them the @cellname. For instance, if you created a cell for your upcoming trip to the beach, called beachtrip, you would tell your friends to join it by texting: @beachtrip to 23559. Your friends can also join by logging into their accounts on the Celly website and entering @beachtrip in the join box (located on the "cells" page in the upper right). 


Direct Invite

Note: due to changes in the law, you can no longer directly invite members via SMS. They must request to join. 

On the web: In your cell page, click on "share" in the cell's right toolbar. Then, click on "invite members" in the drop down.  This page will open: 


Use this invite form if you need to copy and paste a list of emails addresses or Celly usernames. Only admins or curators can invite members. However, members can request to join at any time via SMS, the apps, or from the web.

For more information on using Celly, please view our FAQ or send us an email with any question that you have: 


Celly homepage:

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