Join a Cell via SMS


Text @cellname to 23559 to join a cell

For example, Hadley's friends have setup a cell for their weekend trip to the beach, called "beachtrip"-- Hadley texts join @beachtrip to 23559 to join.

Once you have joined, you can text a message to 23559 and it will go to that cell.


Public cells and cells you have been invited to you can automatically join. However, when you try to join a private cell that you have not been invited to, you will need to request permission to join first. Cells can also be password protected or require additional info to join.

Joining a cell is that easy. You can leave a cell at anytime by texting leave @cellname to 23559 (e.g., leave @beachtrip).

From the Android app: tap the + button in the lower right; then on the next screen enter the cell name in the join box and tap join.

From the iPhone/iPad/iPod app: tap the "join cell" button near your avatar icon, then enter the cell name and tap join. 

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