How to Use Celly Polls


Celly polls can be used to:

  • Create quizzes
  • Collect feedback from your cell members
  • Take a vote

Anyone, including non-admin/non-curator members, can send a poll. On the web, you can send a poll from your inbox or from within a particular cell. To do the latter, go into the cell you want to send a poll to. In your cell message box, type your poll question or message. Keep in mind that there is a 200 character limit for the entire poll (questions + answers).

After you've written your message/question, click on the poll icon (it looks like a bar graph):

When you click on the icon the poll template will open:

In the template, type in your answers or poll options. Note the character limit in the upper right hand corner.   Customize your poll by checking these boxes:

  • "Members can see results"-Checking this will guarantee that during and after the poll has closed, cell members can access the poll results.
  • "Close poll automatically"-Check this if you want the poll to close as soon as all the cell members have answered. Once a poll is closed, cell members will not be able to edit their answers.
  • "Has a correct answer"-Check this if you want to turn your poll into a multiple-choice quiz question. To create a full quiz, each individual question must be created as an individual poll.

You can also schedule your poll but clicking on the clock icon located left of the send button:

You can schedule a poll daily, monthly, or on specific days. You can also schedule recurring polls by checking the "repeat" box. This is useful if you don’t want to recreate the same poll multiple times.


Once you have made your specifications, click ok and then click “send”. If you have have not scheduled your poll, it will go out immediately. 


This is what your cell members will see:

To access the poll, your cell members have to click on the poll icon (circled above). The poll will open to this:If you have allowed them to see the answers (as in this guide’s example), members will be able to see what percentage of the cell voted for an answer. Under this setting, clicking on an answer will also show who voted for what specifically. Again, this is just one setting and can be altered to the admin’s preference.

To view final results, click on the poll icon of the question you want to view:

It will open up the poll's details page. Close the poll (or your members will be able to vote and change the results). Once the poll is closed, click on "View Results" 


To see which members voted for what, click on each plus sign (located to the left of the poll answers). Drop downs with the name of the members who answered will appear:



To manage your poll, run your mouse over the cog in the right hand corner of the top toolbar and click on “polls”.

You can also create and save poll templates on this page, simply click "new poll" Note: To send or schedule a poll to multiple cells at once, you must send it from your inbox (see below image). The instructions are the same, simply type multiple cell names into the To: field in your message box. A poll must be sent to a cell, you cannot direct message a poll to individual members.


If you need more help, please contact us at and we'll happily walk you through the poll setup process.

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