Celly for Coaches and Teams Setup Guide

What is Celly?
Celly is a platform for ad-hoc social networks that is accessible via iPhoneAndroidWeb, SMS text and even email. Our emergent networks connect individuals and communities for instant and easy communication. Coaches can create alert systems for weather related news, send reminders about team practice, coordinate fundraisers and create backchannels for games. No numbers are exchanged and there is no need to text or call players individually; one Celly message goes to the entire group. Players can respond to the team or just to the coach. 
Here are some ways you can use Celly for your team:
  • Send practice reminders, lineup changes, and team announcements.
  • Schedule messages to be sent later.
  • Broadcast weather updates and game or practice cancellations.
  • Direct message players via Celly username instead of phone numbers.
  • Send polls or surveys to your team.
  • Create backchannels for fans during games.
  • Create post-game reports and text highlights.
  • Use Celly receptors to bring in weather and sports feeds from RSS and Twitter.
  • Administer Tournaments and Leagues.
  • Coordinate fundraisers and get parents involved.
This list is not exhaustive.  Coaches are coming up with new and creative ways to use Cely all the time. For additional information on how coaches are using Celly for their teams, visit our examples page: http://cel.ly/education/examples
Get Started:
Step#1 Create a Celly account
Step#2 Create a cell
Step#3 Invite you students to join

Step 1: Create a free Celly account
Students can join from their phones, but we recommend teachers start from the web. Enter a valid email address then choose a username and password. Names and numbers are never shared over Celly, you are identified by your unique username and/or display name. 

Step 2: Create a cell group for your team
Click on the cell's page icon (located in the upper left hand corner of your toolbar). It will take you to this page:

Click "start new cell" and this page will open:

You will need to choose a cell name, set membership to "restricted", and choose "curated chat". For a more in-depth walk through of how to set up a cell, see this guide.

Why curated chat?
During cell setup we recommend you select curated chat because you can moderate conversation. This means that all messages sent to the cell will have to be approved first by the cell admin (the coach) or a curator (e.g., an assistant coach). Once a message is approved it will be sent to the entire group. Curated chat is good for large groups and younger audiences, because it limits the amount of messages sent and prevents off-topic messages. You can change the chat mode at any time from the Celly website, or by texting MODE to 23559. 
Step 3: Invite Members 
Click on "share" in your cell's right toolbar, and then click on "invite members". This page will open. 
Note: Due to changes in the law, you can longer invite members via SMS, they must request to join. 

However, you can still invite your members via web by typing in their Celly usernames or email addresses. For a more in depth explanation of how to invite your members via web, see this guide.
To join via SMS, members text @cellname to 23559 (23559 goes into the number field). For instance, in this guide's example the unique cell name is @HSBaseball. To join this cell, students text @HSBaseball to 23559. 

Step 4: Send group messages! Schedule practice, coordinate fundraisers and chat about games.
Once you have your cell setup, you can communicate with your team using group messaging. Send messages from your phone (SMS and apps) or from the Celly website

Celly for Android and iPhone:
Guides page: http://cel.ly/guides
Celly homepage: http://cel.ly   
For more information on using Celly, please view our FAQ or send us an email at support@cel.ly 
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