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How to Setup Curated Chat

There are two ways to enable curated chat mode. You can do so with your phone by texting mode to 23559. You can also switch to curated chat by editing your cell settings from the Celly website. The following screenshots will show how to setup curated chat from your phone and from the web. Note: only the cell administrator can change the chat mode. 

Step 1: text mode to 23559.


Step 2: text (C)


Curating Messages

When a cell is in curated chat mode, all messages must be approved by a cell admin or curator. When someone sends a message the admin/curator will be notified and see a preview of that message. They can then approve that message, and have it sent to everyone on the cell, by texting the message code.

In the example below, Carter has sent a message to the @marchingband cell, which is in curated chat mode. Hadley, the cell curator, receives a preview of his message. She then approves his message by texting %ODQ to 23559 (each message will have its own unique %code). The message is then sent to everyone on the cell. 


This is what the message sender will see:


You can also approve pending messages from the Celly website. This is recommended if you have a lot of pending messages (classroom, conference, trivia, etc.). Move your mouse cursor above the word pending and choose to reply privately to that user or approve the message to be sent to the group. 

Cell Curators

If you are the admin of a cell, you can assign multiple curators. You can do this on the cell page by clicking on manage members, then click make curator next to the user you want to give curator privileges to. Curators can moderate messages and approve them to be sent to the group, invite and kick users, and approve new cell members.


You can add a curator from your phone by texting addcurator to 23559,  then text the name of the user you want to make a curator. 


Note: if you need to remove a curator, text removecurator to 23559.

For more information on using Celly, please view our FAQ or send us an email with any question that you have: 


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