Setting Up and Using a Nucleus Hub for SMS texting


The Nucleus Android app allows individuals to setup SMS text message hubs to handle sending and receiving of messages to the Celly service. In the United States of America you can use SMS with Celly by texting 23559. However, if you are outside of the United States of America, or would like to create a hub for cell members outside of the United States you can use the Nucleus app to allow users to text message the Celly service.

How it works

Normally, a Celly user will send a text message to 23559. Celly receives this text message, processes the message, and sends back a text message. Unfortunately, the 23559 number does not work outside of the United States. Nucleus allows someone to setup a relay in which an end user sends a text message to the phone running Nucleus, Nucleus uses a data or wifi connection to send the message to the Celly service, Celly sends responses back to the nucleus phone, and finally the phone running Nucleus sends a response text message back to the end user.




  • An Android phone
  • The Android phone must be able to send/receive SMS text messages
  • A data connection (a WiFi connection also works)
  • A Celly account


  1. Download and install the regular Celly app
  2. Download and install the Nucleus app
  3. Run the Nucleus app
  4. Click Start (you may be prompted to log in to Celly)
  5. Tell others to text message your number to interact with Celly


We highly recommend that you use a dedicated android phone for Nucleus, as it intercepts all messages sent to the phone and forwards them to Celly, and then replies to the sender. This could have unintended consequences if people are messaging your phone and not trying to interact with Celly (e.g. your family just texts you “hi” and they would then get a reply back from Celly). 

This phone should also be placed somewhere with power and internet access so that it can always be running and can connect to Celly’s servers to relay the messages.

Your android phone likely will limit SMS to 100/hour. It should pop up a dialog prompting you to bypass this restriction.

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