How to Rally Field Workers and the Local Community with Celly


Celly makes it very easy to rally people for collaboration or to spread your message. In this example, we’ll show you how to create two cells--one to organize your team as well as one to organize a group in the community. This guide is written with NGOs and community organizations in mind, especially outside of the USA. There are three parts--Part I is about setting up your cells; Part II is about recruiting members; and Part III is about collaborating and sending messages.

Part I. Setup your two Cells (one for your team and one for community members)

If you don’t have a Celly account already, sign up for one on our website, or using the Android or iOS apps. For the rest of setup, we are going to show the web. You can use the same account on the apps and the web.

1. Start a cell for your team.

Click the "start a new cell" button near the upper left panel (by default the left panel is expanded; if it is closed, click ">" to expand the panel).


We are going to use @TaskForce for our team name. Make sure you choose a name that will be easy for people to text in or enter in the apps. You can also choose a cover photo. We’ll edit the other settings after we start.

2. Go to Settings. After you start the cell, click the gear in the right column to configure the settings.

3. Review Settings. On the settings page, you can review your settings. On the web, the defaults will be good to go: restricted membership and open chat mode. If you like, you can fill out some info in the “cell details” section. Click save when you are done. 

We’ll recruit members after we finish setting up your other cell.

Now let’s start your cell for community / people outside your organization:

1. Start another cell. Again click the "start a new cell" button. Name this one based on your project or organization, something that will make sense to the community members you want to connect with. We’re going to use @UnityConcert. Set a cover photo for this one as well.

2. Go to the settings. We are going to need to make some changes.

3. Change membership settings. In the membership section, change it to “open - anyone can join”, and leave "require people who text to join to choose a username” unchecked. This keeps it as easy to join as possible.

4. Change chat mode. In the chat mode section, choose “curated chat”. This lets you and other curators message everyone in the cell, and lets members reply privately to you if they have clarifying questions - but prevents them from messaging everyone in the cell unless you approve their messages.

5. Fill in some cell details and then click save.


Part II. Recruit members

Now that you have created cells, you can tell people to join your two cells. Have your teammates join your team cell @TaskForce, and tell community member to join your community cell @UnityConcert.

There are many ways people can join your cells. Here are three easy ways:

1. Tell your members to enter the unique cell name on the website, either on the homepage:

or in the "join a cell" dialog accessed by clicking the cells menu near the upper left:


followed by the "join a cell" button ...


and then entering the cell name in the dialog and pressing the "join" button ...


2. Tell your members to enter the unique cell name on the app by tapping the add cells button (Android app shown; iPhone app has similar buttons and screens) ... 

and then entering the cell name and pressing "join" ...


3. Tell your members to text to join.

If people are in the USA, they can just text @yourCellName e.g. @TaskForce to 23559.

For international users, we have released a new Android app called Nucleus that unlocks Celly SMS in any country worldwide!  

Just follow these instructions for starting up the Nucleus for Celly app on an Android phone. Then tell your international members to text @yourCellName to the phone number of the Android phone that is running the Nucleus app. 

Note, if people in the USA or internationally text to join first and then they subsequently want to login to the apps or website, they can text PASSWORD to set their login password. 

See info about other ways to invite people.


Part III. Message and collaborate with cell members

Now that you have members in your cell, you can message them, send them scheduled messages, photos, and polls. Review our other guides to see how to use other Celly features. 

Some common usages for teams include collaborating around scheduling, location coordination, and bouncing ideas off of one another. 

For community groups, you might want to remind people of an upcoming event, gather their feedback about programs, or help them form support groups of their own. 

Let us know how else we can help!

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