Use the Celly Embed Widget on Your Site


To make it easy to share your cell and recruit new members, Celly has an embed widget that you can add to any site. It only takes one line of code to add, and there are a few options for you to customize the widget.

To embed a widget on your site, you just add a script tag where you want the embed widget.

Basic Widget

<script src=""></script>

Replace "blog.js" with "yourCellName.js". 

This will embed the basic widget, which looks like this:


There are two optional parameters to the embed widget: memberGoal and hideSms


Membership Goal

The memberGoal parameter lets you set a goal for membership, motivating members to join to meet the goal. You can put in any number you want for the member goal.

<script src=""></script>


Hide SMS Instructions

If you supply hideSms=true , the sms instructions will be omitted:

<script src=""></script>



Hide SMS and Membership Goal

You can also combine hideSms and memberGoal if you like:

<script src=""></script>


Always Improving

Let us know if you have any feedback on this widget. We are planning on extending it to include messages from your cell and other options. 


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  • Avatar
    Arielle Haze

    I am trying to embed 3 widgets on my blog page for my students.

    Algebra 1A
    Algebra 2A
    Geometry A

    However, only the 1st one is showing up. Does the script not allow more than one widget per page? In the meantime, I am just going to use the public links.

  • Avatar
    J Croom

    Can you allow us to shrink the size of the widget. If we want to fit it into a smaller portion of our page, it would be nice to scale it down.

  • Avatar
    J Croom

    Allow us to add our own text to the widget for example, "When creating your username please use your first initial and your last name" or something like that.

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