23559 Shortcode Sunsetting FAQ


What is happenning?

Celly is no longer providing text messaging on the 23559 phone number, or for free on any 10-digit numbers, as of July 28th, 2016. See our announcement blog post here for more info.


How will this announcement affect my members?

After July 28th, any of your Celly members who are sending or receiving messages via our 23559 text number will no longer have service. The Celly apps and website will continue working as usual. Only members dependant on 23559 for Celly messages will be affected.


Can I still use the app and website?

Yes, there is no impact to the app or websites.


What can I do to help my text message members?

For all members using 23559 who have an iPhone or Android phone, please have them switch to the app. To switch to the app: 

  1. First have them text APP to 503-217-2359 to set their app password.
  2. After they set their password, they will get a link to download the app, or they can go to the App Store or Google Play and search for Celly.
  3. Download and install the Celly app from the app store.
  4. Log in to the Celly app using their Celly username and password.
  5. They will now get push notifications instead of text messages.


Will members still receive notifications if they are using the Celly app? 

Yes. When you send a message to your group, anyone using the app will receive a notification at the top of their phone screen, similar to when they get a new text message. You do not have to have the Celly app open to receive notifications.


What if a member doesn’t have a smartphone or doesn’t want to use the app?

If they do not have a smartphone, they can always use the Celly website to send and receive messages. The website is accessible on any mobile browser, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Members can also sign up for email alerts on the website and have new messages go to the email address on their account.


My members rely on Celly text messages, is there anything else that can be done?

If they can’t switch to the app or website, we have two other options:

Option 1: Purchase long code text messaging

We have long code text messaging plans available. If we move your 23559 members to our long code, they will continue to receive Celly text messages, but texts will come from a new 10 digit number instead of 23559. This will allow you to continue to use Celly as you have, without any changes to your text dependant members. However, there is a monthly cost involved and it varies based on your group size and message volume. For more info, please contact us at support@cel.ly


Option 2: Celly Nucleus (requires some technical knowledge)

Nucleus is an app we created a few years back that allows you to use a dedicated Android phone to send out text messages for your Celly groups. Rather than have the text messages come from our Celly servers, they are sent out from the Android phone.

 In order to use this option as a replacement for 23559, you will need:

  1. A dedicated Android phone (it doesn’t need to be a new one)
  2. An unlimited text message plan for the dedicated phone ($10-20 a month)

For more info on setting up Nucleus, see this blog post.

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    Nicole DiAngelis

    This did not answer my question. I already knew all of this and I have done everything. I receive emails about new members but I don't see anything new on my celly page.

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